A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. How will you help forge a gender-equal world?

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Talented women in the electrical industry to shape the world!

Working as an Electrician can be a very fulfilling career with countless opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

There are multiple opportunities for all genders in the Electrical Industry as we progressively leave lockdown and doors open up in a new exciting era.

Yet in this industry still dominated by men, highly visible awareness-raising campaigns along with greater career satisfaction and rewarding salaries, are helping women push for change.

Electrical skills are readily transferable from one industry to another because all kinds of organisations recognise engineers as generally being well-educated and good at solving problems, so that is a great person to have in any team, in any industry.

The Electrical sector certainly needs more women

The industry seeks women with fresh ideas, new perspectives, varied experiences, and different approaches to innovation.

Yet, institutionalised gender stereotypes can dissuade girls and women from pursuing careers in the Electrical Industry.

Many women in the Electrical Industry are taking active steps to do what they can to help forge equality within the sector and to encourage more women into the trade.

In November’s Blog, we spoke to Little Miss Electrical, a company striving for success in the industry with female Electricians at the forefront. The company have gone from strength to strength making a real impact in the industry producing high standards of installs.

A tremendous career for those who value variety and new challenges every day

The Electrical Industry can provide a tremendous career for women who value variety, excitement and seek to shape the world. At the forefront of innovation, Electrical engineers are often empowered to identify solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Due to new technology and an ever-changing world, there is likely to be many electrical jobs in the future that are not yet conceived today.

Electrical Vehicle charging systems are becoming an increased necessity and the demand on current electricians is leaving gaps and increased opportunities for new operatives.

Electrical Installation often requires competency in areas like mathematics and science, however, the industry is also a creative profession through uniquely combining logic and imagination. The industry also requires varied skill sets, experiences, and personalities with artistic minds and creative thinkers.

Communication skills are key for a career in the Electrical Industry

Electricians have an opportunity to work with different teams on various projects, sharing ideas and brainstorming, while also attending conferences and training to meet like-minded people.

Electrical Installation is also a globally connected industry so for women with a taste for travel, engineering can provide considerable possibilities to explore new countries, regions and cultures. Plus, with standardised engineering skills and education, living and working abroad particularly in countries that need to fill a skills gap, can be likely.

Electrical installation impacts everyone, so it is vital the industry draws up and reflects the diverse societies it serves.

It is an exciting time to be an electrical engineer – and female engineers are certainly in great demand.

So let’s shape the world and engineer our future and discover prime employers offering exciting electrical engineering opportunities to women.

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