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What previous candidates say about us...

I would like to say a big thank you for the excellent support and guidance that were provided from my tutor David Piercy. On completing each unit or section I received timely feedback which was normally on the same day I submitted the units. Feedback was clear, helpful and constructive giving me a clear picture as to what I needed to correct before resubmitting the evidence. I’ve finished my NVQ in 6 months, so I highly recommend XS Training to anybody interested in applying for JIB Gold Card. The OneFile online system is very easy to use and available 24/7 from anywhere with internet connection.

Aleksandar Nikolov

Having just completed my NVQ3 as an Electrician can I just say how easy it was to complete with XS Training. Being an adult learner I was concerned about getting this done because of time constraints from normal life and filling out a portfolio myself. So this was brilliant in time saving for myself and letting XS Training take the strain. Jamie Gibbs was very professional & thorough in his advice, help and more importantly in the Professional discussions. A great decision for me to use XS Training and highly recommended, particularly for adult re-trainees, or changing career later in life. ACE!!

Robert Black

The new 18th Edition done – a great course & easy to learn in my own time. Once I was ready for the exam I just emailed them and they came back with dates and times to choose from at a local centre. Also did my NVQ with XS Training and would definitely use them again.

Andrew Woolridge

I just want to say thank you to everybody in XS Training, especially Paul my assessor who has been professional and very helpful throughout my process of gaining the NVQ. I will be recommending XS Training to anybody who requires training in the future.

Graham Mills

I was really happy with how XS Training and Jamie handled my NVQ, everything was there to help me and steer me in the right direction. I had no problems at all with them and would highly recommend them to anybody else wanting to complete an NVQ. 10 out of 10!

James Twiss

The best thing about completing my NVQ through XS Training was the overall simplicity of carrying out assessments and providing the evidence needed to complete the course.

Unlike so many other training providers out there, XS Training uses a brilliant online system called One File. Rather than printing out hundreds of pages for a paper portfolio, you simply upload evidence and it can be checked by your assessor at short notice, speeding up the whole process. My assessor was always able to respond to my messages in quick time, which was really assuring whenever I had any questions about the units. Carrying out remote site observations was also a huge plus, anyone working out on site, knows how frustrating it can be to get someone to visit you on site, so being able to carry out observations using video conferencing made it so easy. All you need is a mobile phone/good internet connection and you’re good to go. Overall, I would highly recommend XS Training.


Great training team. Very responsive in regards to feedback and always on hand to provide guidance. The online portfolio is very user friendly. I have already recommended XS Training to friends and will continue to do so.

Julio Santana

Anyone considering NVQ or any kind of online supported learning need look no further than XS Training.

The team are supportive, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people achieve success.

My computer skills are limited but the support, instructions and systems are easy to operate and understand. I was nervous about ever completing an onsite diary, but it was painless from start to finish.

I have tried other training providers and none have come close.

Mark Allison

I would just like to say a massive thanks to XS Training, especially Stuart for helping me achieve my NVQ Level 3. They were there for every query I had and always had the answers I needed which really helped push me and my NVQ along. The online service is great and is much better than doing the traditional paper based NVQ. I can’t thank Stuart and the team enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to enrol on the NVQ. You won’t regret doing it with XS Training, they are Top Class!

Dave Winsley

Skanska UK

Just a quick email to thank all at XS Training. I completed the BS7671 18th course online of which I found was excellent & took the C&G 2382-18 exam and passed with 85%!

I’m well pleased and will recommend & use your services again.


Shaun Brine

Just a quick one to say thanks for the course on the 18th Edition. Been to Portchester and passed the exam today. Saved me spending out on a 3/4 day course with time off work losing money.

I’ll def be in touch should I need any more courses.

Many thanks

Kevin Fudge

Hello David and Stuart,

Just a quick email to say that the 18th Edition online package I purchased was an extremely good way of completing the course for myself.

It was nice not to be tied down to a schedule or time table that was a struggle to attend or get to after work etc.

Overall I found the mock test’s the most helpful in passing the 18th Edition and I thought it was a good idea that you have to get 80% in the mocks before sitting the actual exam (which has a pass mark of 60%).

The freedom of going online and doing how much I wanted and when I wanted was a great option for me, as I suppose it is for a lot of electricians who work long hours.

Gerald Quinn

Completed the 18th Edition on line training package with XS training.

It is a very comprehensive package which can be worked through at your own pace. The format of the end of section tests and the final test work well and provide a very good insight in to the final exam with was taken at a local training centre. If the training package and tests are worked through as suggested and plenty of practice tests are completed, it is a perfect preparation for the final exam. 

Both David and Stuart are very good to deal with and calls / emails are always promptly dealt with. I would recommend XS Training and will be using them again in the future.

Chris Pickering

Thank you for all your efforts and support during the last few months. I have found XS Training to be both a user friendly and well organised service. Martyn Isherwood, my assessor, was equally helpful and supportive as I progressed through the process. I would not hesitate to recommend you and wish you continued success in the future.

David Quirk

I have just completed my NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation with XS Training. I would recommend them to anyone. Jamie my assessor was a great help and was always on the other end of the phone when I needed him day or night with any questions or advice. Thanks for all your help, without you and the other staff I couldn’t have completed my goal.

Shaun Bashford

Firstly, thank you to everyone involved at XS Training, I know it is a team behind it all. My experience has been totally enjoyable and hassle free. XS Training picked the bones out of the bitter experience I had to endure with other, so called training organisations, and turned my NVQ into a professional and smoothly executed experience.

The online consultation process is a massive step forward! My online assessor made the NVQ, and the whole process, relaxed and enjoyable, and also flexible, I have nothing but praise for the whole easy to use, easy to work, and professional experience, all of this was down to his happy and helpful attitude.

I would not hesitate to recommend XS Training to anyone wanting to further themselves, and I will definitely contact them again.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Paul Helm

Rockerhula Ltd

I was quite nervous about using a computer based system to gain the qualification as I’m not that clued up with IT. However, when I got stuck into it, and with the support of David (who was always on the end of the phone with advice if I needed it), I found it a really straightforward and easy system to use. I’ve achieved the qualification much quicker than I thought was possible.

Thanks XS Training, I’ll definitely recommend you to others.

Grayson Davies

Finally completed my NVQ 3 Electrical Installation with XS Training. Massive thanks to Jamie Gibbs, my assessor, for his help and guidance throughout the course and also to David Alexis for whom nothing was ever too much to ask, even late in the evening. XS Training truly are an excellent training company and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone in the industry wishing to further their careers. The ‘professionals’ choice, thanks again lads.

Tommy Randall

The guys here at XS Training were superb when it came to replying fast and never missed a question I had for them. They certainly looked after me and guided me every step of the way in terms of evidence I needed to get and reasonable time targets for me to achieve them by.

All in all I’m happy I have used them to gain my qualification when working such a busy schedule the system they had in place was manageable and easy for anyone.

Jay Billings

Throughout the period that I have taken to complete my NVQ, Stuart, David and my personal Assessor David Piercy, have been instrumental in me achieving the certificate. They expertly guided me through on how to use the XS Training software, which upon reflection is idiot proof and very user friendly. All previously mentioned persons have practically been available to talk to or communicate with on a 24hr basis.

Every time I submitted a piece of work, made a request or asked a question via the website I got a reply almost immediately. If not, then within a couple of hours. This certainly helps with motivation, as it encourages you more when you see your percentage of completion increase and you get closer to that goal of 100%. They have always answered my calls and been very encouraging and helpful. They put your mind and worries at rest when you may perhaps feel that you are not achieving anything or going anywhere with it all.

That being said, it is still you that has to do the work, but it certainly helps when you have good advice and support from good people around you and you can’t get better than those at XS Training.

From one very satisfied, happy and now FULLY QUALIFIED electrician.

Andy Lee

I just wish to say a few words and thank XS Training for the support and guidance I received from your company in completing my NVQ 3 in Electrical Installation.

I was apprehensive before I started the course but with the help of Jamie, my online assessor who guided me through the various units I had to complete with prompt and helpful advice, I found the course enjoyable and rewarding and would definitely recommend any Electrician who was in my situation and needed to get there JIB card to use XS Training.

Darren Kelly

I decided to upgrade my JIB White Card to Gold last year and for that I contacted four training centres with national coverage from the JIB website: JTL – EAS UK Ltd – CTD Quickstep Ltd & XS Training Ltd

I wrote one email explaining my situation and what are my goals and send that e-mail to all four centres. Within minutes, XS Training replied back, I remember it was during weekend, out of normal working hours. Not to mention that one centre replied after a week! David answered all my question and I didn’t hesitate to sign with XS Training to start my City and Guilds 2356-99 level 3 in Electrotechnical Services for the Experienced Worker, or EAL Level 3 Diploma in Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker Assessment Route.

They allowed me to pay in installments using Paypal which was very good for me.

My assessor helped me a lot with my Portfolio. We had live streaming observation from my place of work, there were moments when I couldn’t have live observation from work site from different reason, he accepted to take pictures of my work and have a later professional discussion online using Vidyo, usually on Friday night after work. Everything went easy and smoothly due to XS Training’s excellent staff.

I want to thank you all from XS Training for helping me getting my JIB GOLD Card.

PS. So far, after I spoke with many of my work college, my price paid to XS Training was the cheapest comparing with what others paid for the same course so that is another reason I’m happy I’ve chosen XS Training. I recommend them to all!

Sorin Pascut

Thank you guys so much for providing a brilliant service. I really don’t think i would have been able to complete my NVQ without the assistance of XS Training. My assessor Paul was a pleasure to work with throughout and provided me all the guidance i needed to help me complete my NVQ. If you’re looking for a fast, convenient and reliable way to complete an NVQ, I would highly recommend XS training to anyone!

Danny Kemp

I would like to thank XS Training especially Jamie for all the help and support that was given to me during my course to gain my NVQ level 3. I would highly recommend XS Training in the future. Thanks again.

David Penny

Dear XS Training Team, thank you for all your help and advice during my NVQ 3. Many thanks to Jamie Gibbs , Stuart Driver and David Alexis – what a team! I would recommend XS Training to all up and coming Electricians without hesitation. They provided a very good service and were very helpful throughout. I have already recommended your service to a good friend! Many thanks again.

Sean Shrubb

XS Training and their staff have been incredibly professional, effective and enthusiastic during the entire process. It’s amazing to think that it has taken little less than three months to get fully qualified.

I had a very tight schedule in which to complete the qualification due to my partner and I moving aboard. Their expert and skillful staff, together with an extremely well polished online platform, ensured that communication between myself and my assessor was smooth, quick and efficient.

Their assessors are realistic with the work loads, keen, lively and were always able to accommodate a schedule that worked around my full time job. My assessor was engaged, well tuned in and genuinely energetic in helping me to complete the qualification.

Getting qualified with XS Training has been so straight forward.

David Mitchell

Having just completed my Electrical Level 3 NVQ I would like to say thank you to XS Training and their staff. Thanks go to David Alexis for the smooth transition at the beginning of the course, with making the payment plan and introducing me to my assessor Jamie Gibbs. And I would like to say a big thank you to Jamie, who throughout has been a massive help in completing my course and responding very quickly / professionally to any queries I had.

The online ONEFILE system, is brilliantly set up and so easy to use and understand. It can save so much time, compared to travelling to a college, and you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. Would not hesitate to recommend XS Training to anyone who’s considering taking an electrical online course!

Ryan Farmer

I am writing to thank you and the whole XS team very much for all your support and help throughout the NVQ 2356-99. I managed to complete the whole course in just 7 months from start to finish, but I couldn’t have done it without your help.

I am also very glad I chose the platinum package as it freed me up to work full time, gather evidence and study for the AM2. You came very highly recommended by a good friend and I now see why.

I will definitely be recommending XS Training highly to any work colleague’s looking to gain their Qualifications. Thanks to you all.

Michael King

Thank you for helping me to achieve my NVQ 3 in Electrical Installation. I would recommend you to others and would use you again as you offer flexibility when completing your courses & have a payment plan in place for people who can’t pay all at once.

Dominic Jones

Thank you for everything that you have done for me. My assessor was a professional person who explained me everything I needed to know. I am very happy in choosing this company to help me to gain my qualifications and I will definitely use you again in the future.

Paulius Ragauskas

Thank you also for the experience of studying with you. The course was very well organized and the support I received during my course was great. You are doing a great job communicating with students and the information is very relevant and concise.

Ionut Birsan

Thanks Stuart, you guys have made the process really simple with regards to the assessor built portfolio etc. I have recommended you to my mate who is going to be starting his NVQ shortly so he should be getting in touch with you in the coming weeks. Thanks again.

Mike Cox

Hi Stuart, I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me through my NVQ.

As a more “mature” student I have been putting it off for ages as just didn’t have the time or confidence in writing out my portfolio myself.

I now wish I had done this years ago with yourselves as it proved to be a completely painless process.

Previous experience with other training centres has taught me that once you have paid your fees the ongoing support after that is somewhat minimal. However, when I first messaged Paul with what some might consider a trivial question, I expected to wait a week for a reply but was pleased to get a response within the hour, not just a few words but an answer with supporting literature as well.

Subsequent emails to Paul the response was sometimes within minutes, this was very important to me as when I actually managed to sit down to do my paperwork / evidence etc it was great to be able to keep focused on this once receiving a quick response without having to plan more time to prepare everything all over again.

Thanks again for all your help and especially to Paul my assessor for guiding me through this “not so” painful process.

Best Regards

Darren Mackie

From my initial enquiry to XS Training through to completion of my qualification, David was helpful, supportive and available to communicate with at all time of the day or night, and even at weekends. I cannot fault the service, value and support given by David and the staff at XS Training.

I would recommend them, and would be happy to be used as a reference. Thank you for the great service, keep up the great work.

Lee Ward

Massive thanks to David and XS Training. Just completed my NVQ 3 and XS couldn’t have been more helpful and made it really easy to complete my portfolio. I would highly recommend anyone wanting there NVQ 3 to use XS Training.

Neil Noton

Absolutely awesome… that’s the service you get from this company. Assessors available day and night to get you through your NVQ, finished mine in about 10 weeks was hard work but well worth it.

Certs landed on the doormat today, big thanks to David Piercy and David Alexis for all your help keep me posted on the NVQ 2396 thanks again.

Kenneth Davidson

Hi Stuart, Many thanks for the support you gave me throughout my NVQ in Electrical Maintenance. I enjoyed it that much I am coming back for more and I have just signed up for the NVQ  in Electrical Installation. Many thanks again for the advice and direction you gave me throughout my course, it was invaluable. I will definitely recommend XS Training to others.

Steve Phillips


I have just completed my NVQ level 3 in electrical installation with XS Training and I would recommend them to anyone. I arranged for a site visit with Jamie to help me complete my NVQ and he was great it was well worth getting the site visit. Many thanks to David who was always there when I needed help.


Matthew Tweddell

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for the great news. And I also want to say big thanks to you and Jamie.

I received great support and although English is my second language I didn’t have much difficulties in completing the online diary as it was quite simple.

Many thanks


Just to say a massive thank you to Jamie whilst completing the NVQ 2356 Level 3 in Electrical Maintenance.

At first glance of the e-Portfolio I found it pretty daunting, but after my initial induction with Jamie I got to grips with it pretty quickly.  I won’t say that this is an easy course and it certainly took some hours to complete. At some point I didn’t ever think I would finish the tasks. However Jamie was helpful and professional at all times, extremely patient with all my queries which were answered promptly, and for pointing me in the right direction when further information was required.  I would certainly recommend this course and XS Training to work colleagues who are thinking of doing their NVQ Level 3.

Many thanks again

Dave Greenwood

RAF Lakenheath

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart, David A and David P for the continued support that I have received throughout the duration of this qualification.

I have found XS Training excellent in all aspects of the training, not least of all in the flexibility and the availability of support out of hours as I would have had difficulty fitting in with work otherwise.

I will have no hesitation recommending XS training to people in the future as the training has been exactly as described by you during our first telephone conversation before I started the course.

Christopher Kelly

Stockton on Tees

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received from start to finish from XS training. I have already, and will continue recommending this company to my friends and work mates.

Carlos Helm

I highly recommend this Training Centre, anyone who has any doubts about their ability will soon find out what David And Stuart are about. You will get 110% support all the way on your journey to achieve and gain your NVQ3. And their Website and Onefile are second to none – brilliant that’s the best to describe it all!

Tony Garratty

The NVQ level 3 is a very good course to do. I recently passed the course with yourselves and it took a little longer than I planned, but that was down to me. Very good advice and if I was unsure of anything I only had to send a message or ring the assessor.
Thanks again.

Craig Thomas

The online system makes completing the NVQ easy and the team are very helpful. Prior to contacting XS training I was very sceptical about the NVQ 3 Electrical Installation due to my first experience at college. XS training provided me with all the information and help needed to complete the NVQ. The online system makes completing the NVQ easy and the team are very helpful. I would highly recommend XS training to anyone who needs to gain the Electrical NVQ 2356.

Richard Beugnies


I would like to say a big thank you all of the staff at XS training for helping me through my NVQ 2356. They are friendly helpful tutors who are available at times to suit you. For anyone thinking about taking their NVQ 2356 Electrical Installation, I highly recommend XS training. With a simple to use portfolio system and prompt responses and guidance from the tutors I’ve finished my NVQ in less than 10 months. Once again, highly recommended and a big thank you to all at XS training.

Darren Wingfield


I would like to thank XS Training for providing me with the opportunity to do  this. It would not have been possible without the help and support of the staff. They were always available whenever I needed help, no matter what the time was. They were second to none with responding to any queries I may have had, and always provided me with the correct guidance to ensure that I reached the goal I wanted to achieve. I would recommend this training provider to anyone.



I have just finished my 2356 NVQ which i did online via XS Training Limited. This was the first time I’d tried to do a qualification online.

I have to say it was a pleasure to do due to the support of the excellent training providers. I would not hesitate to recommend this company  to assist you in completing this important qualification. Help is always on hand  whether it  be over the phone or via  email. The assessors are there to get  you through the NVQ as quickly as possible.

Thank you XS Training.

Andy Collins


Through XS Training I was given the opportunity to take my NVQ 2356 in Electrical Installation online – and at a good price 🙂

At the beginning I was given my induction to the course and training services by my assessor who was terrific and I knew straight away XS Training were the perfect choice in training provider for me. Having now completed my NVQ I cannot thank them enough, they were excellent throughout, always available for help and advice when needed, could not have asked for better.

Thank you.

Michael Cuddington

Hello XS Training Team.

First of all I would like to thank XS Training team for being very supportive over the whole process of the online electrical NVQ 3 course. There were no delays in responding to any questions I had. My assessor provided excellent guidance throughout the whole course pointing unclear or needed improvement things. Anyone needing really good guidance and support in this online course, I would recommend XS Training LTD.

Thank You

Virgilijus Burneckas


I have now received my JIB Gold Card and I am happy for you to use this testimonial on your website. My thoughts on the NVQ was that it was a good process made easy with the help of my assessor. He was helpful throughout the course! I would like to thank  the OneFile team because any time I had issues or problems the OneFile team helped me resolve any problems.

Gary Leyland


Hi David, thanks again for all your help and support. I had my JIB Gold Card drop on the door mat today.

James Taylor

I have completed my NVQ 3 with XS Training and found them to be very professional with great communication from start to finish.

From the outset speaking to my assessor David, my questions and queries were dealt with extremely helpfully. My course took around 8 months to complete, in which time feedback was promptly given at all stages helping me progress through with the training.

I would highly recommend XS Training to anybody interested in taking the NVQ 3 2356.

Russell White


I’ve been impressed at the simplicity of this NVQ.

The hardest thing about this NVQ is obtaining the evidence and the annoyance of bringing a camera to work.

With this NVQ it’s so simple to collect the evidence on your smart phone.

After completing the first assessment I found it very easy to go on and get the evidence for what I needed for the few.

Well happy with XS Training and would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to complete their NVQ3.


I have just completed the NVQ 2356 level 3 with XS Training and it took me about 8 months from start to finish. My assessor was very knowledgeable and provided much needed feedback when the assessments were submitted. At the beginning it seemed that there was going to be a mountain to climb , but I found once I got into the site diary’s it all became clear what was needed and I moved through the NVQ at a good speed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending XS Training to anyone thinking of doing the NVQ 2356.

Anthony Fitch


I enjoyed doing my NVQ 3 Electrical Installation through XS Training Ltd.

The guys were all friendly and always willing to assist when I got stuck.

Keith Conway


Thanks to Dave, for helping me complete the NVQ Level 3, so now I can apply for the correct JIB card.

Great help and support throughout the course.

Luke Billingham

I’ve now just completed my NVQ level 3 electrical installation thanks to XS training. With their professional service I was sure to pass! Many thanks Jamie my assessor – cheers for all your help

Matthew Rimington

Happy days, just completed my NVQ! Could not of done it without the help and support from David.


James Taylor

Thanks to the guys at XS Training I’ve just completed my NVQ 3. This was a first class service and great support from start to finish. I would 150% recommend this to everyone who’s thinking of doing there NVQ.

Christopher Hill

I have just completed my NVQ3 with XS Training . Thanks David for your help and support. I would recommend XS Training ! Thanks

John Lewis

My tutor provided excellent support and guidance to enable me to complete my NVQ 2356. The service provided through XS Training, I would recommend to everyone.

Marcin Miotk


I just want to thank you XS Training for giving me the opportunity to complete my NVQ LEVEL 3 and will recommend you again. Thanks again.

Shaun Mariott

I was an Adult Learner coming into something blind in 2011, and a very nervous 52 year old, you thought all your training had already been done at my age, but how wrong was I?

I was told by my new employer I had to achieve my NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation at short notice within 6 months or this would affect my Salary when my Council Contract was transferred over to the new Employer in April 2012, I had to act fast. I contacted David and Stuart of XS Training Ltd who sign me up at a cost of £600, the best money I ever spent, they put me through all the 8 units and advised me on all the training I required to achieve my NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation.

I am telling you that was the best move I ever made in my life, the support and training I have received was second to none I was always reassured, if I had a problem they would always phone or send me a message within two hours and would go through each problem step by step with you, the support I was given was exceptional, I even phoned Stuart at 22.30pm one night in a panic and he was on holiday but he still managed to calm me down and talked me through what I needed to do, nothing was too much for these two guy’s if Stuart was not there,  David would be for you, they would contact you well within two hours they were both brilliant with me.

I would recommend this company to any one whose unsure of what they can achieve. I am telling you. You could reach for the Sky with this support I highly recommend XS Training Ltd I even received a letter telling me they was both very proud of me and what I had achieved, it brought a tear to my eyes very comforting message and fulfillment of achievement for me.

Thank you David & Stuart and XS Training

Tony Garratty


The NVQ portfolio system really is excellent you don’t have to wait till your next day at college or have to phone to try and get hold of your tutor. I have just finished my NVQ 3 Electrical Installation with XS training. I was studying a paper based NVQ 2356 with a local private training centre, it was very expensive and I was really struggling to even talk to my tutor. The NVQ portfolio system really is excellent you don’t have to wait till your next day at college or have to phone to try and get hold of your tutor. At the touch of a button you can get almost instant feedback. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at XS Training for their help and support.

If you are considering doing a Course with XS Training I would recommend them very highly.

John Sanderson


I would definitely recommend using XS Training for the NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation, they delivered exactly what they promised and are a straight forward uncomplicated company to do business with.

Using the OneFile online portfolio was easy to use and allowed me to work on the NVQ at a time of my choice and eliminated the need for time consuming formatting used in the traditional paper style NVQ portfolio. My assessor was always very helpful and responded to my site diaries quickly.



I would like to take the time out to say thank you to all of the team at XS Training and my assessor David for assisting me to complete my 2356 NVQ 3 in Electrical Installation.

From my initial call enquiring about the NVQ I have found the company to be professional & helpful from returning calls and answering any questions which I had. The whole experience with XS Training has been pleasant, informative & very easy to understand & work with. I have & will continue to recommending the service to others. Thanks XS Training.



I completed my NVQ level 3 with XS at the end of last year and found the whole experience enjoyable. It was made a lot easier by the help and advice I received from David and Stuart.

I then applied for my JIB ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION GOLD CARD and QS status, so thanks again to David and Stuart for helping me achieve My Lifetime Goal – which I wouldn’t have got without their help.

I can recommend XS to anyone who wishes to gain a Qualification which will help them achieve their goals.

Thanks again XS

Karl Alred

Would recommend XS Training to anyone looking to complete their NVQ online. I did mine a few months ago and had no problems at all. The staff know there stuff and offer all the assistance you require – also the option to pay in installments helped a great deal.

Alex Powers

Just completed my NVQ with XS Training it didn’t take long at all and all the help I got was really good. They were very fast replying to any questions.

I would recommend this to anyone thinking of doing their NVQ

Justin Riley

Finished my NVQ 3 this week and have been very impressed with the whole set up of XS Training. Jamie Gibbs has been brilliant and his guidance was vital!

Onefile was very user friendly and I can’t praise XS Training enough.

Thank you all very much

John Howard

After being let down badly by my local College I contacted XS Training, I cannot praise them enough! From the start I had the course and the one file system explained in great detail giving me the tools to complete the course at my own pace.

On completing each unit or section I received timely feedback which was normally on the same day I submitted the units. Feedback was clear, helpful and constructive giving me a clear picture as to what I needed to correct before resubmitting the evidence. The One File system is very easy to use and available 24 hours a day from anywhere with a internet connection.

I completed the NVQ 2356 in just over two weeks, it was hard work, but with the support from David I achieved my goal. I would never make the mistake of signing up for a course at a further education college again, XS Training provide a professional business service second to none which will meet your individual needs.

Many thanks for all your help

Andy Birch

I would just like to thank you for all your help throughout the course. You have made filling out the NVQ a lot more straight forward and less stressful than I had expected and I will be advising anyone who needs the NVQ to take it with yourselves as it is a great service you provide. Once again many thanks.


Ruislip, Middlesex

Hi, I have just completed my Level 3 NVQ it has taken me just over 4 months and has been a lot of hard work. One file is an easy system to use and I had no operating issues at all. Jamie Gibbs was my point of contact and assessor and he was always available online or on the phone with good advice and helpful tips. I would recommend XS Training without hesitation to anyone looking to achieve this course , the whole team are very professional. Best wishes to everyone at XS Training.

Dale Street

I would like to say a few words about the service, help & advice which I received throughout this qualification.

The service was exceptional & during my telephone induction with Jamie, I was shown how to use the OneFile e-portfolio service & how to go about completing my site diaries. The e-portfolio system took a little getting used to, but after the first few units had been completed, it became a doddle.

The course is not easy & it took a lot of hours, but thanks to the help, advice & support I received from my assessor (Jamie) throughout the NVQ, I completed it within only a few months.

Jamie guided me in the right direction & replied to any of my queries promptly & I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone at XS Training. I would recommend this training provider to anyone who is thinking of taking this qualification in the future & using the e-portfolio system has made it easier than I thought it would ever have been.

Craig P

I found that using the online NVQ portfolio offered by XS Training to be very easy and simple to use.

Although a little daunting at first, the help and advice given to me from David was excellent and I found that after a few days of using the software that it was actually very simple.

I particularly liked the fact that you can monitor your own progress which allows you to know exactly what units you need to still cover.

I took all the photographic evidence on my smart phone and then I could work at my own pace. It was so easy to upload the photos and then write about them.

The whole process took me about five months to complete.

I would definitely recommend XS Training to anyone who is looking to complete this type of course.

Thank you to you both,

Chris Lloyd

Thank you to all at XS Training for providing me with outstanding support every step of the way during my NVQ. I highly recommend XS Training to anyone looking to complete an NVQ, Their prices are affordable, their support is first rate, they respond quickly to emails, messages and telephone calls.

Excellent all round service.

Thanks again,


Thanks for your input during the course. I would like to thank my assessor for all his help and being available at all times throughout the course. I found the portfolio setup very easy to use after the information given to me on my induction. I would highly recommend XS Training to anyone who is wanting to do a course with them – excellent throughout!

Thanks again

Kevin Carr

Hi David

I would just like to thank you and Stuart for all your help throughout the course. You have made filling out the NVQ a lot more straight forward and less stressful than I had expected and I will be advising anyone who needs the NVQ to take it with yourselves as it is a great service you provide.

Once again many thanks,

Sarkees Saliba

XS Training provides excellent course delivery and assistance in completing the NVQ 2356. I highly recommend using them to anyone who wishes to gain an NVQ. All my emails were replied to very quickly and course assessor marked my NVQ SD’S within a day or two.

XS Training made the entire experience pleasant and stress free.

I can’t thank you enough.

Nick Ball

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the support you have given me during my NVQ3 in Electrical Installations.

The online system you use (Onefile) and Jamie Gibbs my assessor proved to be invaluable in obtaining my qualification. Messages were responded to very quickly and helpful guidance on inclusion of the correct terminology and information on my assignments has made the process very pain free and straightforward.

I would highly recommend you to future potential candidates looking to achieve this recognised qualification.

I wish you and your team all the best for the future…

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bray


I would like to thank the staff at XS Training for their great support during my time undertaking the City and Guilds NVQ 2356. David Piercy my appointed tutor was fantastic and a very reliable person at any time of the day he was also very helpful to myself regarding all my assessments.

I would fully recommend anyone who hasn’t completed their NVQ 2356 to do so at XS Training. In future any courses I need to take then my first port of call will be XS Training Ltd .

Thanks guys

Kevin Oldham

Hi David and Jamie.

This course was perfect for me and allowed me to complete my electrician qualification at my own pace, I can now apply for my JIB electrician grade card.

The help from Jamie throughout this training was second to none and I would and have recommended your course to friends in the same position as me in the trade. Thank you again for helping me to achieve this qualification.

Many thanks,

Ryan Ackroyd

Hi Jamie,

Thanks very much for your quick assessment feedback and great support throughout my NVQ 3.

XS Training has been a excellent and flexible way for me to learn and gain a valuable qualification while working full time in the industry – and I will definitely recommend your online course to my work colleagues.

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team at XS Training.


I like to say a big thank you to all the team that works at XS Training an especially to my assessor Stuart for helping me complete my NVQ 3 in electrical installation.

It may have took me longer than I wished due to home problems, but use guys was very helpful and always on hand if I had any questions or queries and fast to reply to my assessments an messages.

I would advise anyone wanting to get this qualification to choose XS Training I made the right choice after hearing about XS Training through word of mouth on site. I downloaded the Onefile uploader app to my phone and it made life a lot easier.

XS Training is a very professionally run company. I’ve recommend a lot of my friends and work mates to do their NVQ with XS Training. Many thanks



Would like to say thanks to XS Training for their support in completing the NVQ which enabled me to get the JIB Gold Card. I would always recommend XS Training in the future.


Hi Stuart,

Thank you for my certificate it looks amazing I’m so happy I’ve finally got it. All of you at XS Training are amazing

Many thanks


Hello David,

I would just like to say a big thank you for all the help and support I have received whilst carrying out this course I would not have got through the course without it.

I cannot recommend XS Training Ltd enough and I will be looking for other courses that I can take with them.

Thanks again


My name is Josue Estrada and I am a student at Greenwich Community College.

XS Training was the best choice for the NVQ LEVEL 3, it was cheaper and more convenient and there were no visits. Visits take up time and some employers do not like that stuff as like myself they would have to do an induction to the construction site which it cost money to the employer.

The assessor given to you by XS Training is very helpful and you will get your NVQ Units feedback within 3 days and sometimes the same day, so you can correct your mistakes or update whatever you need to update. I advise you to go with XS Training.

I am the only one in my class that has finished the NVQ LEVEL 3.

Josue Estrada

Thoroughly enjoyed completing this online NVQ at my own convenience. Had nothing but help and support from the team throughout completing this portfolio. I will use XS Training again.


Thanks Stuart, the whole setup obviously worked for me. It was always clear with Jamie what I was required to do, the feedback was quick and he was always available on the phone. Can you thank him, I know he’s on holiday – and thank you for getting me through it. I can’t say it was painless, but the clarity of the requirements made it a lot easier.


Hi, I have just completed my online NVQ3 with XS Training and would like to thank all the staff involved. This is the first time I have done a course online and was a little concerned on how I would do.

From the initial introduction to the end of the course I found the assessors to be brilliant, they were always available for any questions (at any time) and made the experience seem so easy.

I would highly recommend XS training to anybody thinking of doing a course with them and have recommended a few people already. To anybody debating if they should choose XS Training, DO IT!!!

Thanks again to all the staff.

Kevin (Gold Card Holder!)


I have just completed the NVQ Level 3 with XS Training. My instructor was Jamie, he was very knowledgeable, replying to messages quickly and on the other end of the phone when needed. I found the web site very easy to use and I’m not great with computers! You do need quite a lot of photos, but once you have completed a few units, you will soon learn what evidence you will need to complete the rest.

I completed the course in just over 6 months, but had a break in the middle. You could easily complete sooner if you’re willing to put the time in. I’ve recommended XS Training to 2 work colleges, they are both well under way with it too.

Thanks for all your help guys

Ian Williamson

Thank you to XS Training for providing this method of completing this NVQ qualification.

It is a great service to use, providing you with all the guidance and help needed to complete this qualification.

I would highly recommend this company to anybody thinking of starting their NVQ level 3 – well worth the price for this excellent service they’re giving.

Many thanks to XS training

Ollie Walker


I Would like to thank you for all for your personal help over the phone and through the online Onefile.

I would recommend anyone interested in completing their NVQ to go through XS Training very affordable price compared to other sites and colleges.

With over the phone help at anytime and a very easy platform to produce your portfolio as quick as possible.

Thanks again Guys


I would definitely recommend using XS Training for the NVQ Level 3 In Electrical Installation, they delivered exactly what they promised and are a straight forward uncomplicated company to do business with.

Using the One File online portfolio was easy to use and allowed me to work on the NVQ at a time of my choice and eliminated the need for time consuming formatting used in the traditional style NVQ portfolio.

My assessor was always very helpful and responded to my site diary’s quickly.

Many thanks to you all


I would like to thank XS Training for the help and guidance through the NVQ Level 3. Jamie Gibbs was very professional and patient from start to finish. Many thanks once again.

Neil Byrne

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