In a continuation of the recent XS Training blog theme of “Evolution”, I thought now would be a great time to give an update on how XS Training itself has evolved as a company since its creation in June 2011.

A lot has changed since the company began delivering an alternative and innovative method to gaining a Level 3 Electrical NVQ – by being able to complete the qualification process remotely, ONLINE.

Since then XS Training has become one of the largest providers in the country for gaining an NVQ electrical qualification, but now, in 2023, has a whole lot more to offer too.

Our first step on the evolutionary ladder

As completion of the NVQ Level 3 naturally led to the requirement of an AM2 to become fully qualified, in 2019 it was decided that we could provide an alternative method to help our learners through this exam too.

Up until this point you would have to visit a college or training provider to study for the AM2. However, having opened up the world of online delivery for electrical training courses and how this benefits the learner in not having to take time off from their work to gain qualifications, the Online AM2 Preparation Course was born.

This was (and still is) a video-based course which feels like it is being delivered in a “traditional” way but provides the learner with the flexibility to study in the best way to suit their lifestyle. To work from the comfort of their own home and at a pace that suits their needs, whilst providing the skills and knowledge to successfully complete their AM2 assessment.

Growth in new course creation gathers pace

Following the success of the AM2 Preparation Course, and the feedback from those who found how much it helped them, XS Training opened their eyes to what would become a whole host of qualifications that could be delivered online – and then only require the learner to take time off to complete their assessments in an Approved Centre.

This led, in mid-2019, to the creation of the XS Training Academy website as a home for our ever-growing portfolio of online courses for improving electricians. One of the first additions after the AM2 Prep Course were the City & Guilds 2391 Inspection and Testing courses, followed shortly after by the Electric Vehicle Charging Installations Course.

By 2021, after a lot of hard work making content, XS Training created a new way for either existing electricians, or those looking for a career change, to gain their Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Certificates with the introduction of the City and Guilds 2365 courses.

These allow a course that would traditionally be delivered at a college, with time off work required, to be sat at a pace that suits the learner. And, with the ability to sit exams (primarily) at home, made it one of the most flexible methods of gaining these qualifications around. The only time that a learner needs to take time off work is when they come to sit the mandatory face-to-face assessments for things like practical work or written exams set out by City and Guilds.

XS Training opens its first-ever Training Centre

With the need to now deliver face-to-face assessments for the C & G 2365 Electrical courses, and having moved from solely online content, XS Training set up their first ever Training Centre in Wakefield to be able to do this.

Along with delivering the assessments, some of the very first courses to be taught there included the primarily on-site City and Guilds Communications Cabling and Networks Courses (3667) for Copper and Fibre Optics cabling.

At the start of 2023, as the popularity of the NVQs, Electrical Installation, and Communications courses continued to rise at a rapid rate, there was also an update to the NVQ process, where at least one face-to-face assessment was made mandatory.

XS Training expanded to meet the growing demands on its existing team and brought on board an extra full-time lecturer and a full-time assessor into the business. The addition of these highly qualified and experienced electricians has helped the growth of the company to continue whilst ensuring that the quality of delivery and assessment that learners expect was not affected by the increase in numbers.

By the middle of 2023, as the courses continued to grow in popularity and more assessments were to be taken in-house, XS Training decided that the unit in Wakefield was no longer suitable for the needs of our staff or customers.

Following an extensive refurbishment during the summer the company moved into new, larger premises in Upper Wortley, Leeds. This move, alongside the addition of further staffing in the office team, brought everyone together in a building that caters for our every need.

With a workshop five times the size of the previous premises we have dedicated areas for all the different courses we deliver or assess on site, along with a separate classroom. There are also facilities for relaxing at break times such as a canteen and a relaxation area with comfy seats, pool table and table tennis.

As we move into 2024, XS Training are continuing with the expansion of its portfolio by adding courses in the installation of Solar Photo Voltaic Panels and Electrical Energy Storage Systems, working with the awarding body LCL. These courses are designed for existing electricians to gain the skills and knowledge for these complex systems.

As the industry evolves, qualifications evolve with them, XS Training moves with them. We aim to deliver the best experience possible for all our learners no matter what course they are on. With highly qualified and experienced staff we hope to pass on everything we know to make the industry a better place to work.

This will be the last blog of 2023 so XS Training would like to take this time to wish all our existing, and also prospective customers, a happy festive season and a happy new year. Look out for our first blog of 2024 in January.

XS Training can help you gain the Electrical Qualifications you need

Along with the exciting new qualification packages for PV and EESS, XS Training offers 2391 Inspection and Testing, 18th Edition and 2921 Electric Vehicle Charging courses to help the existing Electrician meet the needs of our ever-changing Industry.

We offer NVQ Level 3 packages to suit a wide range of people and also Electrical courses for those starting out on the journey to becoming a qualified practitoner in this exciting industry.

Call us on 0800 170 0294, or click here NOW to gain more information.

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