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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this qualification enable me to get my JIB Gold Card?

Yes, once you have achieved this qualification you will be eligible for your JIB Gold Card. You will need to provide ECS with copies of all of your qualifications and complete the ECS application form for JIB grading.

How much experience do I need to have to become eligible for the NVQ 2346-03?

The experienced worker route is for operatives who have over five years experience as a practising electrician. If you do not have five years experience or do not meet the criteria for the experienced worker assessment route you can still complete the NVQ 2357 in Electrical Installation or Electrical Maintenance.

What qualifications must I have already achieved for the NVQ 2346-03?

Ideally, you should have successfully achieved relevant technical certificates such as one of the following; 236 part 1, 236 part 2, 2360 level 2, 2360 level 3, 2351 level 3, 2330 level 2, 2330 level 3. Other UK based qualifications (such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc.) may also be taken into consideration against the underpinning knowledge requirements of the award.

I have more than five years experience but my qualifications from outside of the UK. Am I still eligible for the NVQ 2346-03?
All non UK qualifications must have been fully evaluated by UK Naric. Candidates with qualifications gained outside the UK will need to meet the same requirements as any candidate following this assessment route. Candidate may be required to achieve qualifications in the IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671) and/or Inspection & Testing.
Do I need to complete the AM2?

The AM2E is embedded within the NVQ 2346-03, therefore, all candidates completing this qualification will also need to successfully complete the AM2. We provide free support, advice and guidance on the AM2. Candidates can complete the AM2 at any time and can contact their local AM2 Centre here.

How long will it take me to complete the NVQ 3 Electrical Performance Units?
You can easily complete the NVQ between three to eight months using the e-Portfolio system and our remote videoconferencing system. The NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation is completed in your own time using our e-Portfolio system, OneFile. You need to cover EACH of the eight units on three SEPARATE occasions by completing site diaries for each unit. The AM2 counts as one occasion for units 301, 302, 304 and 308 meaning that these units (301, 302, 304 & 308) only need to be covered on two occasions. This means that you can complete this NVQ as quickly as you wish providing you have the necessary evidence to do so.
How many Remote Site Assessments will I have?

Candidates on both the NVQ 2357 & NVQ 2346-03 will have a minimum of TWO remote site observations.


How does the video conferencing system work?
You will need to have an android or iPhone and be working in an area where you have a reliable signal on your phone or connected to a wireless network. We will plan the assessment with you beforehand so you know exactly what the assessor is looking for and what you need to demonstrate. We send you a text message and you simply click on the message and you are in the conference. We simply observe you within your place of work, carry out a professional discussion and provide you with feedback.
How long does the assessment take?

This all depends on the job you are involved in and the evidence that is available. Typically, this can take around an hour and the evidence collected will contribute towards your NVQ. The assessment will be carefully planned with your assessor and we will encourage you to present as much evidence as possible to ensure you cover as much of the NVQ as possible during the assessment.

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