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AM2 Preparation & Revision Course

Preparation For Your AM2 or AM2S Practical Assessment

If you’re preparing to take your AM2 or AM2S Practical Assessment then we understand how hugely important this examination is.

It’s a big investment in your time as well as money and the culmination of a lot of work beforehand over many months, or maybe even years.

For this reason AM2 Preparation & Revision Courses – taken over 1 or 2 days just before the exam at an onsite training centre – are increasingly popular.

Although they undoubtedly increase confidence when going into the exam and have a statistically higher pass rate, they are not always as effective as they could be for all candidates as everything is ‘crammed in’ at the last minute.

Wanting to provide an alternative to the limited options currently available XS Training has created the first ever Online AM2 Preparation Course.

The course is also suitable for those taking the AM2S examination – students undertaking the new apprenticeship standard (Trailblazer). Full details about the differences are presented further down this page.

The Online AM2 Preparation / Revision Course

This online AM2 Preparation Course has been developed to fully prepare the candidate for their AM2 Practical Assessment (Unit-399)

It gives you all the information, hints and tips that you will need to pass your AM2, including; the installation, test and inspection, fault finding and the online exam.

This is a convenient, cost-effective online alternative to a course at an onsite training centre which usually runs for a duration of 1-2 days immediately before your AM2 exam.

  • Accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Mobile and Tablet device friendly
  • Saves on the loss of earnings from taking days off to attend a training centre
  • Most course topics are presented in High Definition video
  • Work through the course at your own pace and at times convenient to you
  • Go back through any areas that you’re not so sure of as many times as you need
  • Includes revision tests and a full practice test to ensure you are ready for the exam
  • More chance to absorb the information because you’re not trying to cram in everything in the day before your exam
  • Can even be accessed on the morning of exam & in breaks when phone usage is not forbidden.
There are two different options available for the AM2 Preparation Course – the only difference being the access period.

Option 1: Accessible For 12 Months From Day of Purchase – £200 + VAT

Option 2: Accessible For 14 Days From Day of Purchase – £125 + VAT

(With Option 2 we recommend booking your AM2 Exam before purchasing the course).

Are You A Training Provider Looking To Offer A AM2 Revision Course in Your Centre or College?

XS Training Now Offer A Licensing Option With A Pricing Structure Tailored To Your Requirements. Please CONTACT US For More Details.

Book Your 12 Month Access AM2 Preparation Course Now For Just
£200 + VAT

Book Your 14 Day Access AM2 Preparation Course Now For Just
£125 + VAT

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Other Payment Options

You can also make your payment over the phone on a card, or by BACS transfer.

Please Contact Us now if you’d prefer either of these options.

AM2 Preparation Course Content Overview:

Section A1 – AM2 Overview
Section A1 – Safe Isolation
Section A – Installation
Section B – Inspection & Testing
Section C+C1 – Fault Finding
Common Errors
Section D – Multi Choice Exam

Section A1 – AM2 Overview:

  • Introduction
  • Sections & Circuit Descriptions
  • Risk Assessment

Section A1 – Safe Isolation:

  • Safe Isolation

Section A – Installation:

  • Ring Final 1st Fix
  • Ring Final Connections
  • External Socket Wiring Options
  • Lighting 1st Fix
  • 1st Switch – 2 Way Connections
  • Intermediate Connections
  • 2nd Switch – 2 Way Connections
  • SY Glanding
  • SY Install
  • D.O.L. Control Connections
  • D.O.L. Overload Settings
  • SWA Glanding
  • SWA Install
  • 16A Commando Socket Connections
  • SWA Glanding Options
  • Bonding Installation
  • Bonding Terminations
  • FP200 1st Fix
  • FP200 Connections
  • Heating/Hot Water Overview
  • Heating/Hot Water Installation
  • Heating/Hot Water Connections
  • Data Installation
  • Data Connections
  • DB 2nd Fix

Section B – Inspection & Testing:

  • Continuity of Protective Conductors 
  • Final Ring Continuity
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity (Dead & Live)
  • Ze v PFC
  • Zs
  • RCD Test
  • Phase Sequence Test
  • Electrical Installation Certificate

Section C+C1 – Fault Finding:

  • Safe Isolation And General Fault Finding
  • Fault Finding Bonding Conductor
  • Fault Finding FP200
  • Fault Finding Lighting
  • Fault Finding Ring Main
  • Fault Finding Motor Circuit
  • Fault Finding Data
  • Fault Finding Heating


  • AM2-S

Common Errors:

  • Candidate Common Errors

Section D – Multi Choice Exam:

  • Revision Test Health & Safety
  • Revision Test Building Regulations
  • Revision Test BS7671 Wiring Regulations
  • AM2 Online Test

This is an overview of the AM2 Preparation Course and the topics it covers. If you have a specific question about the course then please do get in touch.

JUST £200 + VAT

JUST £125 + VAT

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