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If you already know which NVQ course you would like to take then please go straight to that course page from the Main Website Page Menu above and select your preferred package options for your course.

Once payment has been received we will then contact you to carry out a 1 to 1 telephone induction and do everything we can to get you started as quickly and easily as possible!

You can see all the NVQ’s and Courses we do by clicking here on Our Online Courses page

If you’re not totally sure which course is right for you then you can complete the Application Form below and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Alternatively, you can Contact Us directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Online Application Form 2023

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To proceed with the 2346-03 Qualification you must have a Minimum of a Level 2 Qualification relevant to the Electrical Industry. If you do not currently have this XS Training can help you gain the Level 2 Qualification as well as your NVQ.

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Please note. Candidates have a maximum of three years to complete their NVQ from the date of commencement (signing up & making payment). If the NVQ is not completed within this time then you will have to re-register again.

Refund and cancellation policy – Refunds will only be made within thirty days of payment minus registration and e-Portfolio fees.  Please ensure you read the material we send to you to make sure you can successfully complete the qualification before making a payment.

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