Why choose the AM2 & AM2S Online Preparation Course with XS Training?

High Pass rates!

* You can work through the course at your own pace and at a time convenient for you!

* The Fault Finding and Testing videos go into more depth, to support those who don’t test on a daily basis.

* It saves on the loss of earnings from taking days off to attend a training centre.

* You can go back through any areas that you’re not so sure of as many times as you need!

* Accessed from anywhere with an internet connection on a phone, tablet or computer.

“The videos have been really helpful at ironing out some queries I had about the AM2. Nice detail and clear style. It’s so difficult accessing reliable info about some parts of the AM2… they are great”

Are you a Training Provider, looking to offer the AM2 Revision course in your Centre or College?

XS Training Ltd NOW offer a Licensing Option, with a pricing structure tailored to your Centre or College requirements.

Contact us now for more details.

BS7671:2018 – Amendment 1 came into effect on the 1st of February 2020

Amendment 1: 2020 to BS7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations was issued on the 1st of February 2020 and may be implemented immediately.

Electrical installation falling within the scope of section 722, the erection of which is commenced after 31st Jul 2020, are to comply with BS7671:2018 incorporating Amendment 1:2020

“The BS7671 is expected to have a major amendment in 2022”

The update contains – Section 722 (Electric Vehicle Charging Installations)

This update to the IET Wiring Regulations puts the electrical industry at the forefront of driving technological innovation to ensure the installation of practical, safe charging points that are accessible to all.

XS Training are supporting Safe Isolation standardisation for locking off equipment!

XS Training Ltd are at the forefront in supporting the extended safety procedures when Safely Isolating electrical systems and equipment.

As an assessor in the industry, we see too many uninsulated locks when safe isolation is carried out. We are supporting the sole requirement for insulated locks to reduce the risk of electric shock!

How do I get started with online electrical training with XS Training?

There’s never been a better time to invest in developing your electrical skills. Today, online electrical training is the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way, to gain in-demand electrical skills. XS Training Ltd is established as a leading UK online electrical training provider.

Why wait? It’s the ideal time to get started training for your NVQ today! Call us on 0800 170 0294, or click here to get your questions answered.

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