XS Training’s 10th Anniversary – 15th June 2011-2021

XS Training Ltd has been assisting the Electrical Industry to upskill trainees, set standards and benchmarks for all to follow. The Senior team at XS Training have over 100 years of combined electrical experience in installation and training.

Stuart Driver and David Alexis started the venture over 10 years ago, after spending time in local colleges and seeing the barriers which were affecting the journey of the learners.

Today XS Training are one of the leading providers for electrical training and qualifications in the UK, using innovative and up to date technology to ensure the smooth process of the NVQ.

We took the obstacles away from learners to enable them to complete NVQ’s. Professional Discussions are completed instead of the duplication of site diaries, physical site assessments are no longer needed as this is done by video calls and online courses carried out to limit time away from work and families.

We would like to thank all the company’s and centres who have supported XS Training throughout these exciting times and look forward to working with you all in the future.

This month we take a look back at some of the first-ever learners that XS Training Ltd took through their NVQ Level 3 qualifications – and on to becoming fully recognised electricians with their JIB Gold Card of competence in our industry.

James Coleman

James signed up with XS Training to do his NVQ Level 3 in 2011 (10 years ago). James gained his JIB Gold card as a result of completing the NVQ Level 3 and became a JIB recognised qualified Electrician.

After James completed his qualifications with XS Training, he propelled into the electrical trade and went onto reach great heights, contracted to many large scale projects and works.

Here a few photos from James’s NVQ portfolio back in 2011.

Amerdeep Jandu

Amerdeep started his NVQ Level 3 in 2011 with XS Training and has been working as a Qualified Electrician ever since. His career really took off a few years later when he started his own company and never looked back.

Amerdeep is now working on new builds, running his own company, taking on more employees and supporting the Electrical Industry.

Here is a photo from his NVQ back in 2011.

Gary Munden

Gary started his NVQ Level 3 with XS Training 10 years ago and achieved his JIB Gold card status. He is currently working in the Industry completing office refits, commercial and industrial installs.

Gary has progressed over the years, completing his supervisor status qualifications and now organising teams on large scales jobs.

Here are a couple of photos from his NVQ back in 2011.

John Lear

John is currently working in the Electrical trade as a facilities Contract Manager. He progressed into this post after working on commercial and industrial sites all over the country since completing his NVQ Level 3 with XS Training.

With John’s JIB Gold Card status, he worked for various sectors such as the RAF and in prisons installing various systems.

Here are a couple of photos from his NVQ back in 2011.

How do I get started with online electrical training?

There’s never been a better time to invest in developing your electrical skills. Today, online electrical training is the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way, to gain in-demand electrical skills. XS Training Ltd is established as a leading UK online electrical training provider.

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