We were recently interviewed by a national business organisation and the conversation with senior manager Jamie Gibbs was filmed and then edited to create what they call a Spotlight Video.

The interview took place at our new training and test centre in Wakefield, West Yorkshire – as, after 10 years of being a purely online training provider, we now offer some in-house training courses too.

You can watch the interview by clicking on the video screen below or read the conversation that is broadly transcribed below that.

“I’m Jamie Gibbs and I’m senior manager here at XS Training – and we deliver NVQ’s online.

The two NVQ’s that we offer at the moment are 2357 and 2346 – the latter being for experienced learners that have got more than five years experience on the tools and the 2357 is for those with less.

The benefit of coming and learning with ourselves is it can all be done online – so there’s no travelling, you don’t need to travel to a centre as such. You can do it all online, based from the site you are working on and we use Zoom to connect with you. You put your camera (phone) on a tripod and you can be working away while we can ask questions and assess the worker from home.

The end goal for the process of someone coming on and doing an NVQ with ourselves is to then move on and do an AM2 or AM2E, which is a practical assessment. Then at the end of it, they will get a JIB Gold Card which is a card that represents them as an electrician – and when they’re out on site it will tell the employer or contractor what qualifications they’ve done and what standard they’re at.

The NVQ process consists of building a portfolio of photographic evidence with the learner photographing themselves doing various jobs on-site and then uploading them to a portfolio builder we use which is called OneFile. Then we, as assessors, will go on and view the photos and see if they’re OK or not.

We’ll then do recordings of observations and professional discussions. They will also be upload to the portfolio and City & Guild will come in and have a look at various portfolios that we’ve done and make sure that they’re externally verified.

So, what we do is we do assessor built portfolios. The learner still has to collect the good quality photographs with them in, rename and upload them to the system, have the discussion, the assessment, but then we as assessors will then do the write up for them.

What’s great about this way of doing a level 3 electrical NVQ is that the employer doesn’t lose their operative for a long period of time. Because they’re taking photographs as they’re doing the job and then uploading those photographs on an evening, they’re doing the professional discussions or observations on an evening or at the weekend. So it’s not taking any time away from the employer.

The process is really simple and the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your own home by taking photographic evidence and then doing the professional discussions on an evening is a huge benefit.

As well as online NVQ training courses we’re currently running the City & Guild 3667 copper and fibre optics data communications course at our new training and test centre in Wakefield. It’s a four-day course for the copper and a four-day course for the fibre – and that’s all run in-house with theory and practical sessions.

We also have XS Training Academy which consists of various online courses that we deliver. So the learner will go on, do the online course – which is watching various videos, going through various products and slides and interactive learning platforms.

So, if you want to start your electrical NVQ, contact XS Training, fill in an Application Form, and you can start your NVQ journey today.”

How do I get started with online electrical training?

There’s never been a better time to invest in developing your electrical skills. Today, online electrical training is the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way, to gain in-demand electrical skills. XS Training Ltd is established as a leading UK online electrical training provider.

Why wait? It’s the ideal time to get started training for your NVQ today! Call us on 0800 170 0294, or click here to get your questions answered.

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