In Recognition Of Great Quality Of Workmanship & Depth Of Knowledge

XS Training Ltd are delighted to present their inaugural Learner of the Year Award to Zurab Baduashvili.

Originally from Georgia in Eastern Europe, Zurab moved to Newcastle in 2015. Although he already had plenty of electrical installation experience and qualifications in his home country and others within mainland Europe, he had to update his qualifications to work in the UK and so started at a local college.

When it came to pursuing his NVQ in order to gain his ECS/JIB Gold Card he, unfortunately, had a bad experience with a couple of other companies before finding XS Training.

You can find out more about Zurab’s journey to his Gold Card within six months of registering with XS Training here on a separate video.

We recorded our first ever ‘face to face’ meeting with Zurab at our Training & Test Centre just outside Leeds, where he was recognised for his exceptional work in attaining his City & Guilds 2346-03 Experienced Worker Qualification and presented with his award.

The text below is a broad transcription of the conversation between Zurab and his dedicated assessor through the online training process, Craig Wiltshire.

You can also watch the presentation from the video link below this.

Craig: So here we are XS Training up in Leeds. Zurab, you did the online NVQ with us, and you’ve won an award today because you excelled in your City & Guilds 2346 Experienced Worker qualification. So, it’s kind of a learner award/thank you for all the hard work that you’ve put in.

What we like to do in XS Training is to recognise the quality of people that we are looking for and the quality of workmanship – and what shone through in your NVQ, in my eyes as your assessor at the time, was every piece of work that you presented for assessment was absolutely spot on. In everything you gave to me, I could see that pride in your work and not just but the actual underpinning knowledge behind it. And for that reason, we have selected you to win this prize today as our Learner of the Year.

How do you think your experience went, buddy?

Zurab: Thanks very much. First of all, my experience with XS Training was great. They just helped me achieve my goals, which was to be JIB Gold Card registered and it was very easy. Especially, as you mentioned, that the work I presented (for my NVQ) was like perfect. That’s because you explained everything to me very well. It was like 70% of the work was already done by you and I really only had to take a picture and upload it. So, everything was clear and it was easy.

Craig: Yes it was good. It was a real pleasure working with you and we did have a little bit of a language barrier in the beginning. How do you think it went with regard to us communicating? How did we get over that? How would you feel about that?

Zurab: That was great. I never felt I’m a foreigner, I’m speaking a different language but you were explaining everything very well throughout.

Craig: Yeah. And you taught me a bit of Georgian on the way, so, it was good. 😊

Zurab: I was teaching you so Georgian world as well.

Craig: So, it was an absolute pleasure for me as well and I’d like to present you with this, piece of test equipment that you’ve won. So, congratulations.

Zurab: Thanks very much.

Craig: Thank you very much, indeed and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you

Again. XS Training has been a great finding for me in my life, and thanks very much.

Craig: Excellent.

Zurab: And for you personally,

Craig: Thank you very much, indeed.

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