​The New NVQ 2346-03 Experienced Worker Assessment

The City & Guilds 2346-03, Experienced Worker Assessment will be replacing the 2356-99 Mature Candidate Route. The 2346-03 qualification will be available from the 21st of August 2020 with City and Guilds.

“The current Mature Candidate Route (2356-99) pathway is still valid and the last registration date will be 31st December 2020”.

The Experienced Worker Qualification is built up of the following;

  • Candidates must have 5 years + site experience
  • Level 3 Performance Units (2346 NVQ)
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Initial Verification Qualification (2391-50 or 2394 or 2391-52)
  • AM2-E

Identifying your current level of experience with the Skills Scan

The Skills Scan is designed to determine your eligibility for the Experienced Worker Qualification by helping you understand the depth of knowledge, skill and experience that will be expected to complete the assessment.

It has been designed to help you avoid wasting money and struggling to complete qualification or the assessment process if this is not quite the right pathway for you.

The sections of the Skill Scan are;

  • Safe Isolation (Single & Three Phase) and Risk Assessment
  • Installation (PVC singles, Multicore, SY, Heat resistant cables, XLPE SWA, Data, PVC & Metal Conduit, Tray, Basket, Ladder racking, 3ph DB and S Plan heating systems)
  • Inspection and Testing (Understanding of GN3, Dead and Live testing, documentation and GS38
  • Fault Diagnosis and Rectification (Relevant faults, tests and readings)
  • Assessment of Applied Knowledge (H&S, BS7671 and Building Regs)
  • Identifying current qualifications

Level 3 Performance Units (NVQ 2346)

The Performance Units will be assessed using a portfolio-based procedure, supported by Observations and Professionals Discussions carried out by an XS Training Assessor. Photographic evidence will be collected of current Electrical Work and assessed.

The units covered within the 2346 Installation NVQ are;

  • Unit 102 – Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Unit 106 – Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment
  • Unit 108 – Terminate and Connect Conductors
  • Unit 109 – Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures
  • Unit 113 – Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems
  • Unit 115 – Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

For Maintenance Learners Unit 110 will be completed instead of Unit 109 and Unit 113 is excluded

  • Unit 110 – Apply Practices and Procedures for Maintenance

BS7671:2018 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

XS Training are also offering the 18th Edition Online Course & Exam for only £240 plus VAT and further details can be found at following link https://xstraining.com/18th-edition-online/

Initial Verification

XS Training can now help you gain the Initial Verification qualification (2391-50) which is part of the 2346-03 Experienced Worker Assessment process via the 2391-52 Initial Verification, Periodic Inspection & Testing Online Course.


The AM2-E

Once you’ve gained the Experienced Worker qualification, you’ll need to undertake the AM2E Assessment which mirrors the AM2S End Point Assessment taken by apprentices at the end of their training. This will be taken at an independent NET centre. Once you successfully gain the AM2E, your Experienced Worker Assessment process is complete.

Achievement of the Experienced Worker Assessment and the AM2E meets the criteria for an ECS Gold Card application.

The Experienced Worker Assessment is also recognised in the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification as equivalent to an industry apprenticeship.


Documentation relating to the EWA

Also, take a look at our detailed Frequently Asked Questions with more information about the process.

Candidate Background Form

Skill Scan Document

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