Can you help fill the demand for skilled/qualified electricians…

“The Green Deal”, first introduced in 2012, is currently in further development. The government’s aim is to increase funding to improve the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial premises.

By the end of next year (2020), 15% of the UK will be supplied from renewables. This will increase the installation of local neighbourhood power generation and vehicle charging points.

At XS Training we are committed to support the continual transition of the Electrical Industry, through delivering Online courses supporting the training needs of skilled contractors.

Online/blended learning enables you to study in the comfort of your own home, with no distractions and for the study program to be embedded into the increasing social/working time constraints.

The demand for skilled/qualified electricians will increase and the requirement for unskilled operatives will decrease. with the demand for high-tech electrical systems.

XS Training offer the ‘Experience Learner NVQ‘ which will take an operative with more than 5 year’s experience to a qualified and skilled level, to ensure they are in continued demand.

Green Deal Assessors will evaluate homes and provide impartial advice. Electrical contractors will then install the new systems to improve energy efficiencies.

Why should you switch from college based studies to Online Training?

Online training is one of the greatest paths to career advancement, increased skills and enhanced productivity.

Key advantages of studying for your electrical qualifications online include:

  • Improved memory retention – option to go over the content as many times as required
  • Learners can work around their personal schedules
  • Supports practical skills
  • Caters to different learning needs
  • Enhances learner excitement and engagement
  • Puts the learner in control

What electrical training is available online?

As well the City & Guilds NVQ 2357 & 2356-99 Level 3 Qualifications that have been at our core since 2011, XS Training now offer the AM2 and AM2 -S as an Online training package. This study option enables the learner to study on an evening and work through the day. We have addressed the issue of losing a day’s wage when simply trying to increase your skillset.

XS Training are also offering a Portable Appliance Testing Online Course, which enables your company to create a new revenue stream for your business. This course shows step by step procedures for PAT, relating to the current IET Code of Practice for the in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

How do I get started with Online Electrical Training?

There’s never been a better time to invest in developing your electrical skills. Today, online electrical training is the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way, to gain in-demand electrical skills. XS Training are established as a leading UK online electrical training provider.

Why wait? It’s the ideal time to get started training for your NVQ today! Call us on 0800 170 0294, or click here to get your questions answered.

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