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XS Training Ltd will soon be offering the Electrical Installation course 2365-02 (Level 2) online with additional blending learning options. This can fit in around your normal working and personal life and will support learners currently in the trade, upskilling, or re-training to change their career.

This option will enable you to work at your own pace, control the financial implications and continue working at the same time.

If you are looking to start training to become an Electrician but feel the college structured approach wouldn’t work, then this is the route for you. It may be that you are unable to attend a college on set dates or can afford to take time off work to do a day release. The XS Training Online Learning Platform enables you to set your own structure and work it around your personal circumstances.

You will be able to access remote live sessions online at specific times. These will be recorded and therefore giving you the option to view them at a later date if you were unable to access this session.

You will be given access to different modules online which will go through the relevant content for specific units. You will then sit an exam after having support via live remote sessions.

The practical unit 204 will be done at our centre which will involve the installation of various cables and containments. Inspection and testing of these circuits will also be covered after each installation. You will complete an Electrical Installation Certificate for each installation, giving you the confidence and experience for your practical exam.

Level 2 C&G 2365 Electrical Course

The course comprises of the following units:

  1. Health & Safety (Comprises of an Online exam and Practical)
  1. Principles of electrical science (Online exam)
  1. Electrical installations technology (Online Exam)
  1. Installation of wiring systems and enclosures (Practical exam and Written Questions)
  1. Understanding how to communicate with others within building services engineering (Online exam).

Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB)

We have had a few learners doing their NVQ and AM2 qualifications with XS Training who have managed to obtain a SJIB Gold card. Previously the SJIB have been reluctant to offer a Gold card with the successful completion of the NVQ Level 3 and AM2 outside of Scotland.

With persistence, we can now confirm our learners have managed to obtain the SJIB card with the qualifications gained through XS Training.

Please click the link below to view the testimonial of one of our learners stating this achievement. Another learner who eventually gained his SJIB Gold card said you need to “dig your heels in and be persistent when claiming for the SJIB card”.

Experienced Worker Assessment and AM2E Update

Since the launch of the Experienced Worker Assessment, NET and TESP have been developing guidance on how we can acknowledge and recognise those who already hold an AM2 certificate.

The core principle of the EWA is that the candidate should have full account taken of their experience and not have to pay for re-assessment that is not required. With this in mind, NET can now issue the following latest guidance to centres, please ensure this is communicated to candidates.

“If you have passed the AM2, you will not need to take the full AM2E, but you will need to complete a supplementary unit at a NET centre. For AM2 taken before April 2010, you will need to complete a unit that covers testing; for AM2 taken after April 2010, you will need to complete a unit covering the installation of containment.”

In addition to this guidance, we ask that anyone who already holds AM2, regardless of its age, to please contact TESP via their website with their details, before registering on the EWA. We will consider each candidate’s specific circumstances to look at their qualifications and experience and give independent advice to ensure the EWA is the appropriate route.

How do I get started with online electrical training?

There’s never been a better time to invest in developing your electrical skills. Today, online electrical training is the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way, to gain in-demand electrical skills. XS Training Ltd is established as a leading UK online electrical training provider.

Why wait? It’s the ideal time to get started training for your NVQ today! Call us on 0800 170 0294, or click here to get your questions answered.

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