NVQ 2397-31 Level 3

For Domestic Installation Electricians
As of early 2018 this qualification has been removed by City & Guilds and is no longer available.

You can find details of all our other Online Electrical Courses here.

Level 3 Award In Approving Electrical Installation Work in Dwellings (2397-31)

For Candidates that have in excess of 24 months experience in installing electrotechnical systems and equipment in dwellings

Candidates must also prove technical knowledge via means of certificates, these can include the C&G 2330 level 2 and 3, 2365 level 2 and 3, 236 parts 1 and 2 or equivalent

This qualification is for candidates who work or wish to work in the Electrotechnical Industry. The qualification aims to provide expert guidance to learners wishing to gain knowledge and understanding of electrical installations within dwellings.

This qualification is primarily aimed at electrical installers, wishing to progress further in employment. On successful completion candidates will become eligible and recognised by certification bodies, as competent to undertake electrical work. This will be the minimum qualification level for Qualified Supervisors responsible for electrical work in domestic properties subject to Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales).

Unit 309: Approval and certification of electrical installations in dwellings

The learner will:

1. Understand the procedures and regulatory requirements for completing the safe isolation of an electrical circuit and complete electrical installations in preparation for inspection, testing and commissioning.

2. Be able to confirm the safety of the electrotechnical system and equipment prior to completion of inspection, testing and commissioning in accordance with statutory and non statutory regulations.

3. Understand the principles and regulatory requirements for inspecting, testing, commissioning and approving electrical installations dwellings.

4. Understand the regulatory requirements and procedures for completing the inspection of electrical installations in dwellings.

5. Be able to inspect electrical installations in dwellings

6. Understand the regulatory requirements and procedures for the safe testing and commissioning of electrical installations in dwellings.

7. Understand the procedures and requirements for the completion of certificates and related documentation for electrical installations in dwellings.

8. Be able to test electrical installations in dwellings.

9. be able to commission and approve electrical installations in dwellings in accordance with statutory and non-statutory regulations


Evidence will include:-

Direct observation of performance in the workplace by a qualified assessor and/or testimony from an expert witness subject to the activity being assessed. This will be the primary source of evidence.


Candidates reflective account of performance through professional discussion


Work plans and work based products e.g. diagrams, drawings, specifications, customer testimony, authorised & authenticated photographs/ images and audiovisual records of work completed, consolidated by supplementary questioning

Candidates must finish their assessment within six months.

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