We have numerous applicants asking if they need their AM2. Most of these have been working in the industry for years and have been misinformed that they need their AM2 along with their NVQ to gain JIB grading.

At the moment, the AM2 is part of the apprenticeship framework and those undertaking an apprenticeship will have to take their AM2 in their final year to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

The AM2 is aimed at “new entrants” to the industry such as an apprentice or trainee. If you are an experienced electrician (practicing operative) you DO NOT need to take your AM2.

However, all this is about to change shortly. Anyone registering for their NVQ 3 Electrical Installation or Maintenance after 31st July 2012 will also have to take their AM2 as the new Electrotechnical Diploma embeds the AM2 within it. This means that you will not be able to gain your NVQ 3 Electrical without also having to undertake your AM2, regardless of experience and qualifications.

Our advice is to register for the existing NVQ before the final registration date of 31st July 2012 (unless City & Guilds extend this date) and avoid the unnecessary and additional expense of the AM2. Registration before 31st July 2012 means you can complete the NVQ anytime up until July 2015.

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