IMPORTANT – New City & Guilds Assessment Requirements For Your NVQ 2346-03 – Avoid £150 Site Visit Costs

This notification is primarily for existing XS Training learners but may also affect others on the City & Guilds 2346-03 Experienced Worker pathway. Please read carefully and take action to avoid site visit additional cost of £150.00 + VAT.

New City & Guilds Assessment Requirements For Your NVQ

We have recently been advised by City & Guilds that the assessment method has changed and this means that every candidate on the NVQ 2346-03 will require one face-to-face site observation and this site visit must relate to Unit 102, Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Consideration.

Please see click on the following official link relating to this matter at

We have obviously challenged this decision and have been in communication with City & Guilds regarding this matter. However, they have confirmed that the face-to-face on-site visit is now a mandatory requirement. They have however given XS Training Ltd up until 31st March 2023 to complete unit 102 for our existing students without the need for face-to-face site visits but this unit must be achieved by 31st March 2023.

What this means for XS Training learners

This means that we will need to carry out TWO remote observations with you by 31st March 2023 to avoid any additional costs of face-to-face site visits.

Anyone who has not completed this unit, Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Consideration by 31st March 2023 will need to comply with the new assessment methods of one face-to-face on-site assessment and will be subject to the additional costs of £150.00 plus vat to do so.

XS Training Ltd have been successfully delivering online NVQs in Electrical Installation for more than 11 years. We were the innovators of remote observations within our industry and have been the UK’s number one online training provider for the NVQ 3 Electrical Installation and/or Electrical Maintenance for many years.

We maintain high standards and insist on quality evidence to support any assessment decision and have a robust quality assurance regime in place. Unfortunately, some “bad apples” sought to exploit the recent covid epidemic by adopting online delivery and failed to deliver the NVQ to industry standards. This was apparently recently discovered and the whole of the online delivery of this qualification has suffered as a result.

City & Guilds Statement

Partial communication of what we received from City & Guilds is published below for your reference.

“The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) is developed and overseen by an inclusive industry working group, chaired by TESP (The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership). The group includes the employer chair and vice chair, ECA, JIB/ECS, IET, NAPIT, NET, NICEIC, and Unite, along with awarding organisation representatives.

“Whilst EWA has worked as intended in many cases, there has been increasing anecdotal evidence of requirements being undercut, particularly where online only delivery is being offered. The working group, along with employers, has always been of the view that face-to-face assessment on at least one occasion is an important element.

“EWA must be seen to reflect an equivalent standard to the apprenticeship with significant reliance placed on the integrity of training providers, and employer assurance that the standard is being maintained is critical.

“The working group must balance the primary consideration of maintaining a consistent industry standard with the challenges of awarding organisations working within Ofqual conditions and operating an EQA regime.”

Unfortunately, this means that we have no choice but to adopt the new assessment requirements and this means that we will have to carry out face-to-face site observations for those who have not yet fully completed unit 102 by the end of March 2023.

Please note that if you have not completed unit 102 by 31st March 2023 then you will need to arrange a face-to-face site visit and this will incur an additional cost of £150.00 plus vat. We strongly urge you to communicate with your assessor to arrange the full completion of unit 102 via remote observations to avoid this additional cost.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call our office on 0800 170 0294.

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